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Thread: Pictures!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moparformances View Post

    nothing like living in denile..

    ya right your one and only untill you find another one trust me
    I remember saying the same and how I'd never get rid of my Powerflash...
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    Default Re: Pictures!!!

    Powerflash what is a powerflash. oh yea i had a few once upon a time.
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    I had a request to take a picture when I changed some bulbs. They were 28v in this machine. So all my lights work now.

    There was no power going to my low token switch so I decided to just wire up a separate 9v transformer to the switch and also added a light that stays on all the time just for looks. I used a 14v on the light that stays on. It gives off more than enough light plus it never gets to warm, and the tokens low light I used a 6.3v (I think) so that one is a little brighter. I think I will eventually switch to LED bulbs, I just happened to have those bulbs laying around and they work fine. I will install the LED's just for fun.
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