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Thread: My DIY pachinko ball dispenser

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    Default My DIY pachinko ball dispenser

    This is something I put together a couple months ago. Nothing really that special but I thought I'd post it anyway. I had tried to use a Carnival gumball dispenser- and it worked with 60 some balls in it but the weight of 100 or so was too much. So this is what I came up with.

    It's not finished yet but I've been using it like this for a long time. Someday I'd like to trim the corners with aluminum and make a top lid.

    The hole is 2" diameter and it dispenses 13-16 balls at a time. You pull the knob which "loads" the slide, then push it in and it dumps the ball into the pipe so they roll into a player-held cup at the front. The bottom of the bin is a sheet of galvanized steel bent in a way to allow the balls roll down into a center cut hole. I put a spacer in the bin to divide it by half. That way it can have a more full appearance with less balls.

    Someday in the far future I'll finish it.

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