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Thread: 5 new machines from sale

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    Default Re: 5 new machines from sale

    Quote Originally Posted by Microbus99 View Post
    I absolutely love that single shots graphics. Wanna trade it?
    I think I will hang on to it for awhile. I am planning to restore it this winter. If I change my mind I will let you know.

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    Default Re: 5 new machines from sale

    Ok, so I am the one that Bat purchased those 5 vintage machines from as well as 5 moderns (some of which the shooters did not work). Takethecastle actually purchased one of those moderns from Bat (I wish I knew the price as I gave Bat a real deal on all). I was moving from Tennessee to Indiana, and I simply couldn't take them all. So, he showed up and I gave him a deal. I kind of regret not keeping the single shot, but the others really didn't mean that much to me. I took a couple with me that I really wanted to keep (in other words, that my wife would let me transport to our new home). Anyway,the thing that makes me scratch my head is that after he bought them, Bat posted for another month or so, and has not been seen or heard from since. I kind of wanted to see what he would do with those he purchased. I know that this thread has long been forgotten, but I just kept quiet about it for 5 years, and just wanted to make this post.

    Question: Has anyone seen or heard from Bat? What did he do with those machines?

    I am currently working on renovating a personally sentimental Nishijin B Machine with Rival's help on replacing the playfield. The playfield came out fantastic, and I just wish I had the expertise to do it..........maybe someday I will get him to teach me. I will be posting many pictures in the near future as I am excited about getting the machine put back together. I have a feeling that it will elicit positive responses as the feature is one that seems to be rare but very cool among the Nishijin B models.
    I'm not addicted to Pachinkos. I can quit at any time. Did I tell you about the three machines that I have on the way?

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    Default Re: 5 new machines from sale

    Neat to know the source and more of the story behind the games. In many ways, the story is more important to me, maybe others. The games he got were nice, you were nice to make a good home for them. Good luck on the sentimental journey.

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