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Thread: Koda Kumi Fever Live In Hall Pachinko

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    Default Koda Kumi Fever Live In Hall Pachinko

    New Pachinko from Sankyo

    Koda Kumi Fever Live In Hall

    The popularity singer who is in the midst of large break, the åÙ rice field ò“ became the not yet pachinko machine! The name “KODA KUMI “FEVER LIVE IN HALL””. The fact that it ties up is well-known SANKYO in the fever series.

    To tell the truth today (May 17th), the data just reached in the editorial staff, concerning the board surface and the frame and game characteristic etc still altogether it has not become clear. But, as for SANKYO after approximately 3 years framework full model change. The stereo speaker which adhered to the sound quality is loaded, because so is, it is inevitable for the hole to become the live meeting place. As for the music which is used, “Crazy 4 U”, “WIND” and “Butterfly” and so on all the 8 tunes!

    As for hole debut, schedule in late July. Whether it is what kind of pachinko machine, the appearance is the pleasure from now. In the future, it probably will keep making gradually clear, the pachinko machine of the [ku] [u]. As for follow-up story lawn tide waiting!

    In addition commemorating the announcement of this pachinko machine, at the June 20th Yokohama arena event “KDOA KUMI PREMIUM LIMITED LIVE IN HALL supported by SANKYO” is held. Regardless, the arena becomes Las Vegas limited to of 1 days, it seems!

    more info:

    Marketing this one is very big thing I think, and hope it is in english too!
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    Default Re: Koda Kumi Fever Live In Hall Pachinko

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